What are we? What do we defend?

Socialist Alternative we are young people and workers who organize ourselves to build a democratic political alternative and combat. Convinced that the only alternative to misery, hunger and exploitation is the construction of a political tool that fights for a different society, where wealth is distributed democratically, that is, a socialist society. We are an organization convinced of the ideas of Marxism that strives to transform society. We are part of Alternativa Socialista Internacional, a global organization with a presence in more than thirty countries that fights for the construction of socialism at the international level.

We defend and fight for the expansion of rights for workers, for youth, women, the sex diverse community (LGBT +), indigenous people, peasants and the oppressed in general, linking the fight for these rights with the fight for socialism. We are aware that the rights we enjoy are a conquest of the struggle of those who have gone before us, that is why we defend them by pointing out that their full conquest and fulfillment stops to build a new society.