Abdulahi Bilah, Abuja. 

The MSA-Abuja on the 26th of December 2021, launched a new branch i.e Dapper; in the Abuja community. This is because of the added commitment of the comrades at the branch that gave birth to this initiative and the effort to consolidate the fortress.  
Reportedly, the meeting was held at Dapper community and it registered the attendance of both her old and new members that resides within that community. 
The meeting was centered around the initiative of building and consolidating the new gains made lately. The comrades and contacts in attendance were all in deliberation and politically agreed to launch a new branch in the Dapper community, Abuja. 

Interestingly, Twelve persons attended the meeting. 
The organization was introduced by DA to the new members and what the Movement for A Socialist Alternative represents. Added to the brief of what MSA is, its programs and affiliation to the ISA were all expatiated. 
Daniel said MSA is a Marxist and revolutionary organization interested in reaching out to workers and young people. Above all, the need for the working class to organize and fight alongside the oppressed class for improved living conditions. Ultimately, for a socialist planned society.  
Accordingly, reports on also MSA’s interventions, then and now, were presented. The enthusiasm and flavour were recorded in the meeting, which was inspiring to everyone. 
The meeting unanimously agreed on planned activities in the coming period, which includes the ”Secure the North Protest/#NorthIsBleeding” protest and the forthcoming NLC protest on the Planned FG fuel hike were all resolved.
Added to these planned activities. The initiative to organize campaigns around insecurity, the massive rate of unemployment, and against crazy-bill (electricity) within the Abuja metropolis were added plan activities for the Year 2022.

Abdullahi Bilal talked about the State of the Nation and how the country especially the North has become an epicenter and theatre of violence, courtesy of the failed policies of government rooted in capitalism. AB also mentioned the rise of food items and how it is affecting working-class homes. 
The fears around the problems of public healthcare, youth unemployment, and poor underfunding of public education were allspice of the whole political discussion. 
Questions were raised about the funding of the organization and how it operates. The leadership carefully answered those questions.  The meeting lasted for two hours and the paper was introduced to the new members and contacts as the vanguard of reaching out to the working people. 
Emphatically, members were encouraged to root themselves into the politics and ideas of marxism. In this light, they should endeavour to be active in building the MSA and reaching out to workers and young people seeking a political alternative. 

A cross-section of MSA members in Abuja jointly holding “Solidarity” Newspaper.