Democratic Rights

  • Freedom of association, expression and assembly. Opposition to the proposed Social media bill. Freedom of workers, students, youths and unemployed persons to organize in unions.
  • Non-interference of the government in the activities of trade and students’ unions
  • Freedom of civil servants to not only vote but to also stand as candidates to be voted for in elections
  • Formation of a mass-based Workers’ and Youth political party with a socialist programme as an alternative to capitalism
  • Liberty of individual Nigerians to stand as independent candidates in elections
  • A multi-party democratic system and a free process of party registration
  • The dissolution of the DSS and other secret policing apparatuses
  • Open trial and conviction of perpetrators of police brutality and extra-judicial killings, including the perpetrators of the October 20, 2020, Lekki massacre
  • The rights of the men and women of the police and Armed forces to unionise and embark on strike actions to protect their interests


  • Opposition to an increase in the price of fuel. For revitalization of existing refineries and Construction of new state of the art, modern refineries to meet local demand for fuel, to end importation of fuel.
  • An aggressive plan to build roads, schools, hospitals, electricity and other infrastructures through direct labour. Opposition to contracting government’s projects out to profiteers
  • Upward taxation of billionaires and an end to existing tax holidays for big businesses. End all forms of multiple taxations of small businesses and the informal sector of the economy.
  • Public ownership of Nigeria’s natural resources and revocation of all contracts that have sold out these resources to billionaire-profiteers.
  • Democratic Workers’ Control and Management of all public corporations

Working and living condition

  • An end to all forms of casualization and retrenchment in workplaces.
  • A N56, 000 minimum wage with upward review based on inflation and a national Unemployment Benefit for the unemployed.
  • Free healthcare, free and quality education and free housing.
  • Provision of free nursing homes for the aged

Climate change/environment

  • Public investment in Solar, Windmill and renewable energy to end greenhouse emission and destruction of the environment.
  • Public investment in environmental matters to arrest flooding and environmental hazard.
  • Public investment in Science and Technology to meet human needs based on environmentally-friendly means of production.
  • End to the pollution of the Niger Delta by Oil Companies.
  • Compensation should be paid to communities suffering oil spills and soot due to the activities of oil companies. Immediate clean-up of all waters contaminated by oil companies.


  • Immediate recall of any elected officer found wanting of mismanagement of public funds.
  • Assets of public officers to be declared before and after holding public offices.
  • A democratic and public panel of workers and youth representatives to prosecute cases of corruption.

Socialist society

  • A socialist planned society, where public resources will be used to improve the lots of the working masses.
  • For a free and voluntary socialist federation of Nigeria, with respect for the culture and democratic rights of the component ethnic nationalities
  •  An end to neo-colonialism in Africa and for a United Socialist Africa and a socialist world