MSA Stands in Solidarity with Niger State Protesters Demanding Action Against Hunger, Poverty, and Governance Failures

  •  NLC and TUC must organise workers against the continuous rise in the cost of living

The Abuja chapter of The Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MSA) wholeheartedly stands behind the brave action of Minna’s residents in Niger State as they take a firm stance against the pervasive challenges of hunger, poverty, and deteriorating governance that continue to afflict not only the state but the entirety of the country. The recent mobilisation and protest staged by the people of Minna serve as a powerful reminder of the pressing need for substantial intervention by the Labour leaders to confront ruling elites on the ever-mounting cost of living, a burden that is relentlessly pushing countless Nigerians to the brink of despair. 

With the current realities, it is important to state that the Tinubu regime has further pushed Nigerians into the cesspit of poverty with no clue of rescuing the situation any time soon. 

Governor Mohammed Umar Bago’s attempt to attribute the protest to the alleged hijacking of food trucks from Lagos is a glaring misinterpretation of the people’s legitimate grievances and also an attempt to discredit the fundamental basis of the protest, which is the failure of both state and the federal government to provide the people with a better life. Meanwhile, political officeholders have continued to prioritise their greed and live opulent lifestyles.

The protest was a manifestation of the collective frustration with the dire economic conditions faced by ordinary Nigerians rather than an isolated incident driven by ulterior motives.

We also salute the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), which rightly calls upon President Bola Tinubu to confront the harsh realities of the current economic landscape and take decisive steps to alleviate the suffering of the masses. 

MSA stands in solidarity with the protesters’ demands, including the call for a living wage for workers, relief from economic hardships, and the urgent need for government intervention to address the root causes of poverty and inequality. We echo the protesters’ demand and call for the nationalisation of key sectors of the economy, placing them under democratic management and control of the working people.

Furthermore, MSA calls upon the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to heed the people’s call for action by organising a 48-hour general strike. Such mobilisation is crucial in amplifying the voices of the masses and exerting pressure on the government to prioritise the welfare of its citizens.

As we navigate these challenging times, MSA remains committed to advocating for a Socialist Nigeria where a just and equitable society of the people is prioritised above all else. 

We urge all genuine change seekers to join us in our quest for social and economic justice for all Nigerians.


Akande Daniel

Spokesperson MSA Abuja Chapter