Segun Sango, a leading international Marxist

I first met Segun Sango at a meeting of the IEC of the CWI in June 1992 in London. Segun made a strong impression with his energy and willingness to participate in every discussion. He explained that he wanted everyone at the meeting to notice the Nigerian section.

For three decades, we were in the iEC, meeting once a year and discussing perspectives and problems. Segun was the key comrade informing Marxists around the world about the mass movements in Nigeria and the transformation from military to civilian regime and the illusions that followed.

Segun Sangos position carried weight within our international. He visited Sweden in order to recruit contacts and consolidate members from different African countries. In his typical sense of humour, he asked if there are no cars in Sweden, since there were so few traffic jams.

Nigeria is extremely important for global and African politics. The contribution of Segun Sanyo is invaluable and will never be forgotten.


On behalf of the austrian section of the ISA, former CWI, i send greetings and condolences regarding the much too early death of comrade segun sango.

I met him often at IEC meetings and other ocassions and always liked his combination of while being political with every inch at the same time keeping his humour.

So sorry for the loss but the best remembering is to continue the struggle for a socialist nigeria and a socialist world that he devoted his life to.

Sonja grusch
Austrian section.

Don’t remember exactly when I met Segun first, but i’m sure I can trace it in my notes I kept since the early ’80’ies including notes on his contributions.

Always impressive by clarity, sharpness and strong grounding in principles he familiarized with in such a way that he addressed the most complicated issues in an accessible way with an outstanding sense of humour.

I thought of him as a giant, always listened carefully when he spoke, cause it was guaranteed you’d learn something. During the last international meetings he participated he was already suffering with his health.

He’s one of those who gave everything, absolutely everything, and we should be grateful and honour his legacy in the way he would have expected from us: by building strong and principled revolutionary socialist parties in Nigeria and all over the world as well as a truly working class Marxist world party.

Eric Bly